Friday, May 20, 2011

No Sewing Week

The Actor has graduated. We are greatly, um, relieved.

He had a 3.4 GPA w/an advanced diploma. I wonder what he would've had if he had not had any zeros/deductions for late work in the past 4 years?

His future is still very fluid...personally, I think he needs to let his maturity level catch up to his age before he tackles something like college, where zeros and late work are fatal errors. He may do the internship program at church (formerly Master's Commission)...we'll see.

He did get a taste of community theater this spring, with a handful of small roles in Hamlet. Here he is dressed as Osric, showing another outing for my Ruffled Pirate Shirt:

I think I need to make a Pirate Shirt for every member of the family...I've found that they are coming in very handy... ;-)


  1. I think the Brits are smart to have their kids do a "gap year" before starting college. Helps them to focus on what they really want to do v

  2. Well, I think this is a pretty good reason to have no sewing this week! Congratulations!

  3. Congrats! I agree on the gap year thing too. My recent graduate is going to community college, and not taking it as seriously as he should. I'm glad we haven't started paying for university yet. Maybe next year. Or the one after. ;-)

    And yes, pirate shirts for everyone!

  4. The problem with the gap year, as it has turned out for my older kids, is that it easily turns into a gap 5 years...hard to head back to school once you're out and incurring debt for things like cars.

    But, well, I had a 3 year hiatus in my education and didn't pick back up w/education until after I got married, so, well, you never know...

    Still, I would rather them take the time they need to know what they want to study than spend credit hours on subjects that are ultimately not what stirs their hearts.

  5. First Lisa congratulations on his graduation! Second, you are being very wise about the college thing. My middle DD wasted a full year of my hard earned money playing at going to college.

    Now that she knows what she wants to do/be, she's finding out it's a little harder to do when you have not one but two children.

    But these things make them stronger and they will be alright...because any time I'm afraid I look at my oldest who has gone through the craziness and emerged on the other side a mature and wonderful woman!