Sunday, May 29, 2011

Choir Wardrobe 5/29: the Token Yellow Top

So, after I hung the jacket up on the rack to wait on the inspiring frog song ('Rip-it, Rip-it'), I pulled out the yellow rayon blend jersey that came in the same box as the gray denim and decided to get it out of the stash. Yellow is not my color, but yellow has been a color of the month four or five times in the past couple of years and I decided to bite the bullet and get some yellow for a was only 3.98 for a yard, and a yard is all I got.

I used the sandpaper on my Ped Egg to scrape off the blue fuzzies that resulted from someone throwing my load of pre-wash into the dryer with blue flannel sheets. It didn't work perfectly, but it was definitely Good Enough.

Then I cut out and sewed up another Simplicity 2603 shell top.

The sewing nerves are beginning to unknot... ;)

And, as this was the last Sunday for this month's colors of gray, black and yellow (the choir didn't sing last night; we had guest worship leaders for that service), I wore it with my black rayon jersey Vogue 8305 cardi wrap, an aging silver scarf and the trusty ol' Lee bootcuts:

So, now I have something I never thought I'd own...a yellow top.
Actually, this is almost a fine gauge sweater knit and it pills like crazy; I think this is gonna be a drip-dry garment, just to see if I can avoid that mess...

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  1. Love the yellow, black and silver scarf. Marvelous