Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Checking In

It has been a week.

I posted the details on the faith blog, but for those who don't want to click through...we were without power for several days, and off the Internet until today, but we had no damage or injuries to our household.

I feel frivolous to say that I used the power outage to cut out the bazillion pieces to the Jalie Jeans Jacket, out of some gray denim. I have a Vogue jacket on the cutting table now, and have made a good start on it.

But with the power back on we're playing catch up and I don't know when I'll actually get to sew. Maybe a wee bit at a time for while.

I also finished sorting my fabric and got the bins organized back in the attic where they belong. So I pretty much have my living room back.

But there are so many who don't have a living room at all anymore I almost feel guilty saying that.

I think it'll be awhile before we're back to what passes for normal.


  1. Lisa, I'm so happy to hear that your family is ok. A power outage probably felt like a reprieve compared to the other damage that people suffered. Anyway, glad that you posted to let us know you are fine.

  2. Very glad to hear that you and your family are ok !

  3. So happy to hear you and yours are all safe. Don't feel guilty at being spared - just be glad you are able to help those who need it. Does put laundry mishaps into prespective, doesn't it! You are, indeed a blessing. Thank you!