Sunday, May 08, 2011

Almost post

I'll confess, I kinda miss posting the choir outfits each much so, that I've about decided to start it again, only w/a new name (Choir Wardrobe, maybe?). My Sweet Baboo actually took a photo of what I wore today...three, actually...but he's gotten a bit out of practice on his fashion photography and they weren't postable.

1) I didn't have the movement wrinkles smoothed (minor problem) and
2) We did the photography AFTER church and AFTER I sat through a 3+ hour production of Hamlet by a local community theater group (which was EXCELLENT, btw) and AFTER I'd had a day's worth of humidity working on frizzing my hair...which was pulled back when I left the house this morning but had apparently frizzed out of its bindings all day such that I had a fuzzy halo thing going on in all three photos.


So...maybe I'll wash today's outfit and try it again next week. ;)


  1. YAY! I liked these posts. I'd come home from church on Sunday night, and there you'd be in the color of the month!

  2. I really liked those posts too. Can't wait to see what you've been dressing out in. :)