Sunday, March 13, 2011

Playing in the Stash

There is fabric ALL over my living room.

In some ways, it's much nice stuff; I want to sew it all up...immediately.

Of course, I can't, that's why I'm trying to get it sorted and stored as efficiently as possible; so it's not 'out of sight, out of mind'. I'm swatching and cataloging and even purging a little bit...if I touch it and think, 'Ick!' it's going out...

Some things are not really 'ick', but aren't wonderful either and they're being put aside to use as muslin.

I found spongey-feeling black fabric that was listed as being from the dollar table at Wal-Mart; when I originally bought it back in '03, I wasn't nearly as fabric savvy as I am now and I put down that it was 'Poly? Blend?'

Turns out to be wool gab that went through the washer and dryer. The house reeked all evening last night from the burn test.

I look at the pile of juvenile-appropriate fabric and wonder - should I give it away? Or save it for grandkids? Odds gets saved...

I've found a couple of spots of moth damage. I gotta find a better way to store the woolens.

I'm almost through all the bins; the tough part's gonna be figuring out the best way to get it arranged and labeled so I can find it.

I need to make a strategy so that this stuff gets sewn. I really don't like accumulating fabric; when I buy fabric, I've got at least a seed of a dream of something that's going to come from it.

Time to see some of those dreams actually come to pass.


  1. Definitely save the juvenile fabric for grandkids...they will be here faster than you think! I gave all of mine away and regretted it later!

  2. Huntsville is so big, have you thought about trying to find some kind of organization that needs clothes for kids? You could always sew up the younger fabric and give it to those that need it. Just a thought. Best of luck sorting and storing, I find that when I do that it gets my creative juices going and I end up sewing the same day!


  3. Oh, Jess!!! I know you didn't mean to be funny but...despite my good intentions, I didn't have time to sew that fabric up for some kids who needed it when I bought it (namely my own)....