Monday, March 07, 2011

Cringing Just a Little

So the Princess has agreed to 'let' me make the bridesmaid's dresses, since she was afraid that Her Dress wouldn't look right if I made it.

Really, that's ok, because I would hate for the girls to have to fork over bucks for a 'bridesmaid's dress' that ain't worth it.


The dress The Princess has chosen is Simplicity 2692, view D, for the bridesmaid's and the same dress, minus the shoulder tie, for her maid of honor.

The Reviews for the one-shoulder version are less than complimentary, by and large.

I'm looking at it and thinking 'Blousy drapey off the shoulder wonder what is supporting the top edge of the bare-shouldered version?'

And most of the reviews stated that it ran big.

So...I think I have an idea. I told the Princess if she would get herself some fabric, I'd make a version of the dress for *her*, just to see how it works up.

If it's as beastly to make work as I expect, we may compromise. ;)


  1. I have a copy of that pattern, size 12-20, if you need it. I'd be happy to send it to you, I have no plans to make it.
    Let me know if you need it, can't hurt to have multiple copies if you are making several for girls of different sizes.

  2. Aw, Mary, that's so sweet! I think one or two of the girls is in that size range; The Princess has already purchased the smaller size grouping. If we actually decide to use it, I may very well get back with you! ;) Thanks!