Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So...What Would YOU Wear?

I smiled today when I read Gertie's Post in which she meets Tim Gunn...wearing one of her own creations, which he inspected and complimented highly.

A home sewing enthusiasts dream come true! Her post was filled with exclamation points.

But, I wondered...what if I were going to an event at which a fashion industry celebrity was going to be mixing about with the attendees? What would I wear?

Sudden Flashback to October, 1992: Sandra Betzina was doing a Saturday seminar for one of the local (now gone...sniff, sniff) indy fabric stores and I attended. I don't remember my thought processes for what I wore, but I do remember what it was: black pants, white shirt, red knit tie (remember wearing menswear styled ties?), a black-and-white bias-cut pinstripe vest and a black and white plaid long, straight-cut, 90's linebacker-shoulder-pads jacket. I *think* I wore the jacket because I had a problem with the lapels curling and I wanted to ask her about it...but the mix of stripes and plaids was an inspiration that hit literally as I was dressing that morning. I'd made all of the outfit except the button-down blouse and the tie.

At some point during the post-seminar sale at the store, I managed to ask Sandra about the curling points on the lapels (she suggested I interface all the pieces -- something the pattern didn't require and I didn't routinely do back then), then looked at what I was wearing and said, 'This looks good together. You have a good sense of style.'

I was in a pretty exclamation-point using frame of mind myself after that. ;)

In 4 of the 5 years I went to the Sewing Expo in Atlanta, I tried to wear garments made from the patterns of the designers at the Expo; that's fun to do.

But...dressing to meet folks who are in the home sewing industry is different than dressing to meet someone who is in the fashion/style industry...what would I wear? I'd be in trouble now, because my wardrobe is currently lacking and I have so far not managed to get to the sewing table long enough to do anything about it.

So, my just-for-fun question for any of my dear readers still with me...if you were going to hobnob with a fashion industry icon, what would you wear...and how would you decide?

(Or, if you HAVE...what did you wear and how did you decide?)

Just because I'm curious. ;)


  1. I don't know what the outfit would be, but there would definitely be high heels. :-)

  2. I own ab. so. lutely nothing what. so. ever to wear to meet someone like that. I would have to hope that I had enough time to sew something. Or I would have to stay home. Or, more likely, I would just wear the best I have... a simple oufit of blouse and pants/skirt, nothing special, and just deal with it. Maybe bold jewelry or a handknit scarf. And hope no photos were taken.

  3. I'd wear whatever I wanted to wear, to be honest.

    My sewing skills are my sewing skills. If I suck at it, then I suck at it.

    When I was in my late teens, I met Isaac Mizrahi. I was wearing some thrift store monstrosity that I had reworked and redesigned to some horrific boho chic level, and rather badly I might add.

    I wore it because at the time I liked it. It was sub par for the event in terms of my own skill and appropriateness, and I do have to give the man his credit. Instead of saying "OMG!" he gave me some advice on sewing, encouraged me to keep it up and complimented the one thing on it I DID do correctly. He did it in a particularly nice way (counter to the fact that people report he is not particularly pleasant in general)that made me think about construction.

    Why did I wear that? Dunno. It was in my closet, I was crazy proud of it and it fit with who I was at the time.

    Now, I'd probably go with something simple. Fact is, my sewing skills are STILL my sewing skills, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

  4. My "wedding dress". A linen sheath dress that I've worn to many, many weddings (hence, the name)with different scarves, necklaces, heels, etc. You get the idea. It is the only thing in my closet that still fits and is appropriate for better than matching T-shirt and shorts.

  5. LOL Robbie! I need to put a 'wedding dress' in my closet!! But, living in North Alabama, I'm probably gonna need two...one for spring/summer/fall and one for winter.