Monday, September 13, 2010

NL 6407, Take 2

Yeah, it's another bathroom mirror self portrait; and I didn't notice the streaks on the mirror until I uploaded the KNOW it's Monday...

Aside from the fact that I haven't yet allowed for the last year's weight gain in the pattern, I'm thinking this is getting close to TNT status.

After the first try, I altered the front a bit, doing a FBA and raising the top of the button band back to where it should have been. Then I scooped out the sides of the neckline so that it was wider at the shoulders and moved the front edges in towards the center a bit. Then I measured the resulting neckline and adjusted the collar and band to fit the new neckline.

I've got a neckline that looks much closer to the front of the envelope now; I may not have needed to move the front edges in. But I think I'll leave them.

I do need to go back and check the collar/collar band; I think in all my slashing and spreading I got it slightly out of whack; one side doesn't quiiiiitte match the neckline. But you gotta look really close to see it.

However, I think the collar is longer/deeper than pictured on the drawings on the envelope; I haven't decided if I'm going to try to adjust that any or not. Maybe. And, if I really want the top to fit the body I have now, I should add some width in both the front and back. And that's so long as I've got a goodly amount of stretch in the fabric; in a non-stretch, well....


But I have some nice black cotton/lycra poplin in the wings, so the next iteration will be black; then I may try a long sleeved version.


  1. I like your blouse. Sometimes I have the same collar issues. I don't know why pattern companies don't just use the standard collar size from RTW because that is the one bit of fitting that RTW does seem to have nailed is collar width for the average person.

  2. I like the blouse! The color is great for you.

    Regarding that collar. I made up a NL dress for my daughter and the collar was too long/deep, too. Strange because the line drawings didn't show it that way, nor were there different collar widths for the smaller sizes. Maybe it is a NL thing? Next time I make that pattern for her, I cutting the collar size down!