Thursday, May 06, 2010

You Don't Know Anyone Who Sews...

(Picture Obi-wan waving his hand and quoting the title...)

Carolyn's post made me chuckle today...and remember a conversation from last week.

My cell phone rang while I was checking out at Publix. I dug around in my purse, pulled it out, and had the following conversation with a friend, P.

P. Hi, Lisa, say, do you know (lady)?

Me. No, I haven't met her yet.

P. Her and her husband are the ones who have that (such-and-such a product).

Me. Nope. Don't know them.

P. Well, she wanted to know if I knew anyone who sews...

Me. P, you don't!!! You don't know anyone!!!

P. You were the only one I could think of...she needs someone to make a wedding dress.

Me. (trying to pay the grocery tab while stifling hysterical laughter) Absolutely you do not know anyone!!! I don't do that!

P. Well, Ok, I just thought I'd ask...

A wedding dress. I suppose I should be flattered, but...sigh.

I *might* make wedding dresses for my daughters. But unless I go into business doing it, that'd be IT.

On another note, my 12 weeks were up; Ann has already posted on Facebook about being Officially Done with chemo (Yay for Ann!!!). So, she got done w/chemo before I finished my 12 garments. I hit turbulence with the striped pants; the waistband is pinned on at the moment, so they are close to done. The 12th garment has been in the queue since the Great Stash-Busting Chop of 2007...the fuschia jersey Donna Karan Vogue wrap top.

But it's heading into graduation season, and I need to take a break from garment sewing to work on the mantles for the Masters' Commission students who will be graduating at the end of the month. They have to be cut out, interfaced, and partially sewn so I can hand them over to my embroidery queen friend, Miss A, to letter, and she needs them this weekend so she'll have time to get them embroidered and back to me to finish before the grad.

So, I got 10 garments made in 12 weeks...not too shabby...and I'll finish the others up in pretty short order.

When I'm done, I'll post a photo collage of the lot of them. ;)


  1. Aww! All she wanted was one little ole wedding dress--LOL! Can't imagine why you can't work that in. Honestly, people just don't get it! It just blows my mind that someone would even ask!


  2. You sure made the right call! My daughter and I made her wedding dress a couple of years ago, and the process made memories I'll treasure forever, because I love working with her, and because she knows the limitations of my sewing skills (and hers). The thought of taking a commission from someone who doesn't sew sounds like a very, very bad idea...
    Congratulations on your Gorgeous Fabrics project!

  3. Right. With all the spare hours in your days. LOL.

  4. A friend of mine asked if I would be interested in doing alterations for her daughter's wedding dress. Before she even finished asking the question, I blurted out "No!"

    Good for you for not taking it. And thank you, thank you, thank you for being so sweet and supportive during my chemo. If you want to give yourself a "reprieve", I start 6 1/2 weeks of radiation tomorrow. So you can just annex those and use them to do 2 more garments! :)


  5. I saw your FB post and almost asked if the tats were markers for radiation... ;) My DSIL has some from her round of radiation back in...1996ish??? Every once in a while she mentions her tattoos and I kinda double take, before I remember, 'cause she really AIN'T the tattoo-type...