Saturday, May 29, 2010

Being a "Little Bitter'...

As in, resigning myself to the notion that the only way anything is going to get done in my house is to do it a little bit at at time. Gone are the days when I send the family off to work and school and have the entire day to work on a project...whether it be as sewing project or a home project.

I'm really just now beginning to get my head around that...and it's been over a year since I went back to work.

But, having said that, I am working bit by bit on some things.

-The HMC mantles are done to the handsewing. Obviously, that has priority for today, since the graduation service is tomorrow night.

- I marked my striped 'Gorgeous Fabrics project' Jalie pants as finished and hung them in the closet, but, when I put them on earlier in the week to wear them, I realized that there really is too much gappage going on at the back waist. So I put them back in the sewing room; gonna do an adjustment on that as soon as the mantles are done.

- I bought bodacious amounts of interfacing from the online sales last week, so now I'm well stocked and should be able to start working on some much-needed jackets.


- I need to Cease All Sewing for a time to get my sewing nook cleaned out. It really has gotten to the stage that I can barely move in there. But doing it a Little Bit At A Time...yeesh.

- We recently had some work done on the house that involved the attic; unfortunately it involved the portion of the attic in which my Stash was neatly organized. Things got pulled out, shifted around, and put back willy-nilly; now I know where NOTHING is. Any available time this weekend will likely be spent In The Attic....since that needs to be in order before I can relocate the stacks of fabric clogging up my sewing nook to their appointed place in the attic.

Did I mention we've got out of town company in two weeks? Maybe I'd better work on the 'I've been sorely neglecting housework' situation a bit, too.

I'll blog when I can. ;-)


  1. You will work it out! It's hard to work full-time and sew too especially when you add family and church activities. When my kids were small, I set aside a few hours on Saturday or Sunday was the only time I really had to spare!

  2. LOL...Carolyn, I'm only working 20ish hours a week...I can't IMAGINE working full time! I honestly don't know how all you full time working moms manage. You're all probably way more organized and disciplined than I am...


  3. A little bit at a time is the only way to get it done. I still don't know how I survived the four years I taught full time and had kids. There were definitely things that didn't get done - we had meals and clean laundry, but some of the other stuff had to wait until vacations to really get done right. I had to sew, though, even if the house wasn't vacuumed or whatever. It was my time, time I needed to wind down from non-stop days.