Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Mom Job

The Flute Player has been in the junior high drama class this year, and I've been rather fortunate in that their costumes were all mostly scrounged and borrowed. But now they're working on a puppetry unit and, well, someone had to do a little sewing.

It was funny the way she didn't ask me outright to help, just brought the stuff home.

But there was not much time, we had after school activities going on (i.e., the Last Band Concert), and I could do it tons faster than she could.

So, instead of working on the last remaining Gorgeous Fabrics garments, or even working on the HMC mantles, my sewing this week (what little I actually had) was...felt puppets.

The rather bedraggled red one was the prototype. It is from her Valentine's party from either preschool or kindergarten...can't remember which... I made those little red puppets for at least 3 of my kid's preschool Valentine's parties but, wouldn't you know, we couldn't find the pattern I used. So she pulled out her old puppet...I guess there are some benefits to being a packrat.

So I had her trace the puppet onto paper, and we had a new pattern. She wanted some good shears to cut them out, but I couldn't stand to see her take an hour or more to do something I could do in an instant w/the rotary cutter. So instead of giving her scissors, I took her to the cutting table and whacked them out two sets at a time. In about 10 minutes.

She was impressed.

Wednesday night after church she still had homework to do, so I went out to the sewing machine and had them all zig zagged in about 15 minutes.

I don't know what they're going to do for faces, but I know she has some colored felt that they are going to cut into paper-doll type clothes and apply with a dot of sticky velcro.

I think they're supposed to perform it for their class sometime in the next few days; I'm hoping it all holds up!

Oh, well, I had to change the thread in the machine to do the next step on the mantles anyway.


  1. Hmmm . . I think I've done a few "Mom Jobs", too. They look great and I'm pretty sure once they were decorated the puppets were fine.

  2. I've kind of noticed that 'Mom Job' is synonymous with 'last minute'...have you? :)