Monday, February 01, 2010

Yards out...

Nice to see something in that column! I had a pretty productive weekend; three basically black knit shirts that all finished at once; I did all the double-needle stitching on them at the same time. They're all up on the reviews (although The Flute Player's shirt is just a repeat). First up is the raglan T from the current (Feb 10) Burda magazine. I made it as a test garment and put it in the closet, but I'm still on the fence about it. The neckline is strap-exposing wide, and the fabric is not really nice to wear (it's from the buck-fifty table at Wally World). But I've already altered the pattern and cut it out of a yummy black/white/gold cotton lycra, which WILL be nice to wear! Dunno when I'll get a chance to sew it up...this is a VERY busy week...but it's a quick shirt and if I get 20 minutes or so at the machines it'll be done and I'll update the review with the 'real' shirt!

Next is a variation on the Jalie twinset pattern (I'm too lazy to link it up). I used the t-neck pattern, and borrowed the long sleeve from (I think) 2682. The Flute Player, being a dedicated puppeteer also, needed a new black shirt. It's a really nice cotton/lycra jersey that I had in the stash...wish I could remember where I got it (I went back and checked; it was a purchase from Gorgeous Things about a year ago).

Finally, I made Jalie 2682 from a yummy knit I got a while back (Sept. of '08!) from Gorgeous Things. I really liked the fabric and waffled for the longest time about what to make from it. With 'black and white' being the choir wardrobe for next month, I decided to just do one of my favorite tops.

I'm trying to limit myself to purchasing fabric only after I've sewn 10 yards from stash. I need to shop the stash first! ;) But it's hard...and, heading into more costuming, I know the temptation will be to buy since I'm not sewing. But I gotta stop the increase; there's nowhere left to put it!


  1. I like the Jalie with the yummy knit. Cute top.

  2. Great tops! I was wondering about that new Burda top and was afraid that the shoulders would be just too wide. They're not too bad, at least not for Burda!

    I love what you've done with the Gorgeous fabric - perfect for choir! You're ahead of the game.

  3. Lisa - I love the Jalie top on you! You should definitely make more of these!