Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I had a bad feeling about it...

Sure enough, the lining was way too big...

I just don't have the knack for pin fitting, I guess.

I put the lining on The Flute Player, and promptly pinned out almost all the extra I added after pin fitting it. She really just needed a bit added at the waist;nothing like I added to the paper pattern.

Ya just can't snug tissue paper up properly.

Anyway, I adjusted the pattern, took the appropriate lining pieces apart and recut them, then sewed it all up again. So it's ready for me to put on her really quickly in the morning.

As if I have time to sew anything on Wednesdays anyway.

I'm getting nervous about finishing; I just keep reminding myself that at this point before last year's dinner I hadn't even decided if I *would* sew her dress or not.

I really am ahead of the game...even if it doesn't feel like it.

But...the Actor was counting on borrowing a tux from the school costume closet; that is not allowed any more, so he's *really* stuck, and my attempt to get The Princess to run him around to thrift stores this evening was pretty much met treated as total lunacy. So I don't know what we're going to do for him.

And DH's suit has been waiting around to be taken to the cleaners for, like, forever. Now it may be too late...

Saturday this event will be behind me, one way or another, and I can think about something else. ;)

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  1. Grr. I don't tissue fit either, for much the same reason. You *are* ahead and don't forget it! I understand totally, next week it will all be over and you'll be on to something else.