Sunday, February 14, 2010

Choir Sundays 2010 #4

February's colors: Black and White

Well, this is a good example of an outfit that *almost* works...mostly because the jacket is a near miss. I really ought to call it a donation and pass it on, because it just doesn't quite fit right, but, well, I need a black-and-white jacket on occasion. So, until I manage to replace's what I've got.
But a couple more photos like this may cause me to go hunting some smashing black-and-white houndstooth to make a replacement.

Anyway, the jacket is McCall's 5529 in a double face poly/rayon blend suiting. Nice and's the perfect fabric for this pattern, but I didn't make a muslin and, well, it could fit better.

I'm wearing it with a Jalie tank top, that you can't see, and my black RPL double knit Loes Hins Gore Skirt modification from the 06 SWAP combo. The sash is an Ultrasuede copy of a RTW wrap-and-velcro sash from...1992?

And the new Valentine's scarf. I didn't get it tied as I wished, and I kept fiddling with it all morning. More scarf-tying study is needed. ;)


  1. I think you look great! Phyllis sent me this neat scarf-tying site that I found really helpful:

  2. Cool! Thanks, Ann, I'll have to look that over!

  3. Oh see at first I thought you were wearing a red necklace but then I remembered the scarf right? I love neat how you worked it in. I see what you mean about the jacket not 'just right' but still you look great. Very Lisa!!

  4. Looks great - you look so pulled together and polished. That scarf makes a huge difference. I must go dig out some of mine!