Friday, February 05, 2010

Burda Boat Neck Take Two

I jumped on that pattern pretty quickly, because I wanted the black and white striped top for choir this month.

I shaved 3/8" off the top portion of the back raglan seam, then I added 1/2" to the neckline all around. I shortened the sleeves SIX INCHES, then narrowed them by about 1/2" on both sides at the bottom, tapering it out at about the elbow.

It's a ten minute top, meaning I made it in ten minute increments.

I like the fit at the neckline much better, but it's still not perfect. For perfect, I think I need a teeny dart at the top of the shoulder on the sleeve portion.

I was surprised, too, at how long the sleeves still were. I was shooting for 3/4" length...they're a little past that, even with the amount I took off.

But this one is definitely looks good under a jacket or an overshirt!


  1. oh, if only you could see the teeny gold metallic stripes bordering the white's such a pretty knit! And I got it on sale for less than $2/yard... Woot woot!

  2. Thanks for the description of what you did for this version. I think that's what I'll have to do if I decide to make one. Once the production is over in two weeks.

  3. You've been sewing those costumes for ages!!! AND still managed to do personal're a true inspiration!