Saturday, February 27, 2010

12 Weeks of Gorgeous Fabrics: Week 3

The third piece of the double twinset: the Jalie 2566 cardigan. I had problems w/the buttonholes; the clutch in my sewing machine is slipping or something and I had to unpick the first buttonhole twice before I got it to work properly. Time to see the Sewing Machine Doctor, I think!

I'll try to get photos of these three pieces on me instead of on the hanger in the next couple of days.

Meantime, I've cut out two garments from the green knit I got from Ann at the end of December...a Jalie 965 tank (again!) and the Jalie 2682 (the v-neck empire waist top), with short sleeves from the classic Jalie 2005 t-shirt pattern.

I hope I have some green thread... ;)

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  1. Very cute cardigan, sometimes buttonholes are the most difficult part.