Monday, July 14, 2008

The Textile Acquisiton

I spent a bit longer at the outlet than I intended; it was about 4ish when we rolled into Textile Fabrics instead of 3 as I'd planned. And I saw some beyootiful stuff (Italian milled super 120 wool/lycra...would've been $50/yard...but did it feel wonderful!!!!), but I managed to exercise great restraint and only got a couple of pieces of fabric besides the lining I really stopped for. Two of the three things I bought really aren't worth trying to photograph... the purple Ambiance lining and some chocolate brown rayon/lycra jersey just won't show up in a photo. But this white cotton shirting is sharp enough that it at least photographs. ;)

And the kids were not a problem...I let them take in a Gameboy and a book...they sat in a corner and kept themselves occupied. DS commented as we left, 'Having something to do really makes a stop at the fabric store painless!'

Hm. Noted for future reference.

But back to the fabric...that white jacquard will be a long sleeved blouse. I'm in SORE need of white shirts; now I've got fabric for three short sleeved white shirts and one long sleeved white shirt. I'm aiming for a White Shirt Week real soon... ;)

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