Saturday, July 12, 2008

Road Trip

I finished the jacket to the buttons/buttonholes last night and I'm very pleased with's coming out way cuter than I expected.

But, I don't know if I'll get to it today or not; I've got to run up to Madisonville, Kentucky and back to collect my two youngest offspring, who spent an extra week w/their grandparents (that's about the halfway point to Danville, IN). Fortunately, this means I'm driving right by Textile Fabrics, who are in the midst of their annual 50% off all fabric sale.

If all goes well, I (and two no doubt disgusted kiddos) will be hitting Textile about 3 pm.

I've *got* to pick up some Ambiance...depending upon how the day is going that may be all I manage. We'll see.

I'm wearing a rosy pink linen Athena blouse and khakis, just in case anyone in the Nashville area stops by at the same time...say hi... ;)


  1. Gees, I wish I'd seen this post about your plans to hit TF before I'd made arrangements with DH to get a ride with him to The Stitchery. No car!!!

    OK, well, hit that sale, Girl! I've decided since shopping other stores that it's one of the best in the country outside of NYC

  2. Have a safe trip!!! I went the first day of the sale and it was PACKED! I LOVE that store!!

  3. I ended up getting there just about 4; about an hour later than planned. I only got two pieces of fabric, plus the Ambiance; I'll talk about that Monday!

    It's a good thing I don't live any closer to that store.... ;)