Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cutting and Ordering

I opted to go ahead and cut the brown tops yesterday; I cut out three (they're listed on the bottom of the WIP list on the sidebar). I also cut out the interfacing for the front of the currently-on-the-sewing-table white KS blouse. Somehow I had overlooked cutting that piece last year when I cut the shirt out and it was hampering my progress somewhat. ;) Now I'll see if I can finish the shirt off in the next few days and proceed to the brown shirts. I've got two purple pieces lying on the cutting table; I don't know if I'll try to cut them out now or wait till I get the brown things done. Of course, it probably would help if I were more than 75% sure which patterns I wanted to use the purple fabrics for...decisions, decisions!

Also, I fell into a marketing trap yesterday. A month ago, Hot Patterns announced a 'buy-two-get-one' sale for the month of July. I went to the site and made a short list of patterns I'd like, but didn't order. I was kind of struggling because I've only made two of my Hot Patterns up so far, and neither one has been a rocking success, although I think they're both potentially good. Yesterday, I got an email 'reminder' that the sale was ending in just a couple of days and I lost my perspective for a moment. Click, click, now I've three Hot Patterns on their way to me... the Weekender Boot Cut Chinos, the Metropolitan Sleek & Chic Skirt and Plan & Simple Boy-Short Body. I'm ever the optimist... ;)


  1. I have the skirt pattern to do up soon but haven't ordered the others. I have soooo many that I haven't made up yet! One thing about Hot Patterns that makes the time spent fitting worth it: details. Yummy details. There is that fitting thing, though.

  2. Yeah, MB, you've hit it. Those details sing a siren song, don't they? Nothing like 'em in the Big 4...