Thursday, July 31, 2008

Costume Maintenance '08: Day 1

Today and tomorrow are somewhat shortened workdays since I've got to deal w/getting kids school schedules. Today I got an hour and a half in at church before running over to The Actor's school (which is MUCH closer to church than it is to our house!) but tomorrow I'll have to go w/DD to her middle school before I drive up to church. So I probably won't get there till around noonish tomorrow.

But today I cleaned out the room that is our designated sewing space for close to the next three weeks. For some reason, that room is the collection spot for incoming packages, as well as anything anyone doesn't know where else to put. But I moved and neatened and got the wooden (bounce-free) tables accessible for machines, and I went to the attic and collected a rackful of costumes that need some work. Most just need a bias tape tab put on the neckline to hold a snap, and the snap applied, but there are a few that have some other issues that need to be dealt with. One needs to be disassembled and put back together with the RIGHT side of the fabric out (it'll look ever so much better that way...). I worked about three hours total, and made 5 trips from the office end of the building to the opposite end, which is where the attic stairs are. I got my workout today.

I made a list of odd things I would need to repair the costumes (bias tape, snaps, tassles...) and stopped at Hancock's on the way home to pick up what I could (got the snaps; the tassle rack was EMPTY). Wouldn't you know, Vogue patterns were on sale for $3.95 each! So I got:

Vogue 1063, Vogue 1064, Vogue 2989 (I've decided that high-in-the-back-v-neck looks really good on me) and Vogue 8298

I really should know better. When do I think I'm going to sew these?

Ah, well, they'll be there when I get there... ;)


  1. Oh no! I missed that wonderful could that happen!!! I agree, the neckline is great and besides it would be a good detail for costuming, right?

  2. Lisa, the siren call of patterns always gets me when I'm in Hancock Fabrics. I went last Wednesday (the 23rd) and bought 2 Vogue patterns not on sale. I bought Claire Schaeffer's #7881 pants pattern and her new jacket pattern #8519. Yeah, I paid a fortune for them but they were being put in the drawer and my size was there. I was good and passed on the fabric. However, I'm going over on Saturday to look for fabric.

  3. These Vogue patterns are beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do with them. I also have the 2989, but have not found the right knits yet.