Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Back to the Real World

We had a great visit (I didn't get photos of postable things; but I'm hoping others in the family did and I'll post what comes up if it applies). My Sweet Baboo and I even managed a trip into Indy on Saturday (the 5th). He visited Train Express, and I dropped in on JoAnn's (both on 86th street...how convenient). It was a very small JoAnn's, but they were running a sale on Vogue patterns and I happened to have my list with me, so I grabbed a few:

Vogue 8383. I like the sleeveless shirtdress, but I think I may redraft the skirt so that it's, say, a half circle instead of a gathered waist for a smoother look. We'll see. It'll depend on the fabric.

Vogue 2975 I've waffled on it for a while, but I finally decided I'd try it. The pleated top intrigues me, and I really like the neckline on the jacket. It was worth the sale price.

The Adri wardrobe patterns have been popular on Pattern Review; I finally added a couple to my stash: Vogue 1055 and Vogue 2976. They're similar but not identical and look very cool and workable for summer. And 1055 has a bias skirt with pockets! Hm...that should be interesting.

But my motivation for going to JoAnn's in the first place was to pick up some Burda patterns. There was one pattern per slot in the Burda cabinet, and several on my list were already gone. But I did get two: Burda 7827, a trench-reminiscent dress and Burda 2493, to add to the costume collection against the day when we actually costume a performance of 'The Gospel According to Scrooge' in the correct time periods.

And, after looking over the whole fabric offering two or three times, I purchased a yard and a half of brown rayon/poly blend to make a tank shell from one of the new wardrobe patterns. Our Choir colors for July and August are something I didn't expect...chocolate brown, eggplant purple and harvest gold, worn w/blue jeans. I had one brown short sleeved sweater and one rather poor purple t shirt that are right; I've got some purple stuff in the stash but I needed something brown. It was way cheap ($4 for the whole piece? I need to check the receipt) and drapey enough to work.

So...my sewing this week will likely involve purple and brown and, hopefully, high speeds ;). I've got to catch up on all the other stuff that's now behind because we were gone...


  1. Welcome back! I LOVE V2975 I planned on making the top with some yellow silk linen but never got to it lol. I also looked at 1055 but didn't pick it up. WIshing I would have now lol. Oh the 1/2 off sale starts tomorrow through the twenty-sixth. I am TRYING to go tomorrow lol...I'll have to make sure though lol

  2. We left two of my kids in Indiana w/their grandparents; I've got a trip to Kentucky coming up on Saturday to pick them up. Looks like I'll be making a stop at TF on my way back through Nashville... ;) Hoping to grab some purple Ambiance...

  3. Glad you're back! Sounds like you had a good time!

  4. Lisa,you have great taste.Of course your instincts were right.I'm looking forward seeing all of these,especially the Burda shirt dress.