Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Little Joke

Ok, I put two clues in yesterday's (y'know...April 1) post that it was, um, inspired by the day. The first was that 'April Fool' was in italics; the second was that the label for the post wasn't 'Stashing: Patterns' or 'My Space' or anything even remotely related to cleaning things out; it was 'The Calendar'.

I was really surprised that folks took it seriously. Not just in the comments...a friend who reads the blog said something in a telephone conversation about me throwing out so much stuff.

Ok, I admit I need to cull the stash somewhat, but down to 12 patterns????

I'm a more convincing fiction writer than I thought, I guess. (LOL)

But it did raise some interesting questions. If, by some bizarre twist of fate, I *had* to cull down to 12 TNT (that's 'Tried 'N' True'...patterns that you've tested, tweaked and made more than once) patterns for a year, what would they be? As Alexandra pointed out, that would be a terrific personal challenge.

So, whilst I'm thinking about it, I've got a question for any sewing bloggers looking for some content in the next few days...Ya wanna play along? What 12 TNT patterns would you take with you if you had to move into a small space w/no access to retail or internet pattern sources for one year?

Post it on Friday and we'll all have fun reading each other's picks. You can leave a comment Friday so we'll know who's playing.


  1. Yes, I figured you couldn't possibly be serious what with that list of patterns you just bought, but I could have gone either way. Choosing 12 keepers sounds like a good challenge and I'll be up for it on Friday.

  2. Hmm. It sailed right over my head. I figured it was Spring Cleaning.

    Do they have to be a pattern with an envelope or do magazines like BWOF or Patrones count?

  3. I'd isn't exactly a contest, so whatever. 12 little bags/envelopes/magazines...
    'Course, Alexandra could just say she's taking Patternmaster... ;) Hm. Maybe we should say there's no computers in this mythological rustic place?

    The idea is basically...what would you keep to stay reasonably well clothed?

  4. I'll play. First I need time to think about my dozen TNTs (not that I have that many). And no, I won't pick PMB because it's not "one pattern". But I do reserve the right to bring my rulers, curves, and pencils to this rustic place :-)

  5. I was fooled. And I'll still play along, quite randomly.

  6. (So why'd this comment go away the first time I posted it, I wonders...)

    I'd expect rulers, curves and pencils...and probably also a roll of examination table paper. After all, we'll have to make some style adjustments to these patterns, I'd think... ;)

  7. I believed you too and was thinking seriously about joining you...except not down to 12. Maybe down to 2 drawers. :P

    I'll join the fictional trip though!