Thursday, April 03, 2008

Finally Pippin Photos

We ordered the DVD of the Thursday night performance along with the photo CD, and DS brought them home Tuesday night. There were over 700 pictures on that photo CD! So, just so I can pass along what the costumes really looked like, here's just a few.

These were taken by Jeff White (you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them)

The Opening Number

final pose after curtain calls

'Louis' and 'Fastrada' in the choir-like number 'Morning Glow'. I made virtually all of Louis's costume (glittery pants, glittery shirt, foil metallic cloak trimmed w/the glittery velvet...and doesn't that glittery velvet look amazing? I'm still looking for the gold-on-white colorway...if anyone's seen anything like that, let me know!); Fastrada's cloak is the one to which I added the godets. Unfortunately, there were no side shots of either of these, so the details really can't be seen.

Here's a posed photo of the Troupe...I did the lame' shirts; the guy's pants are the final doe suede version.

And, just for Grandma, a photo of The Actor... (yes, that's him in the front).

Whew. This oughta be the final post for this year's musical...


  1. WOW...looks like a fantastic performance!!! Everything looks SO excellent!! You did a GREAT job on the shirts!! :) Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!
    Love ya,

  2. Thanks for sharing! All the hard work paid off.

  3. Wow! How neat! I agree with Summerset, all the hard work paid off.