Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I really don't know what came over me.

Maybe it was trying to cram the new pattern purchases into the cabinet and realizing that, to get them to fit, I was going to have to pull ALL the patterns out and rearrange the whole system, but I kind of snapped.

"Who am I kidding!" I thought, "There's absolutely no way I can sew all these up in my entire lifetime, even if I dedicated myself to it from now on!" And, in a burst of frenzy, I started pulling patterns out to get rid of.

First it was just a few. But then, as I realized I was pulling not only excess tissue, but releasing myself from the guilt of projects I'd never make, I started just cleaning out the drawers.

Then, quick before I could change my mind, I hauled them off to Good Will.

I've a bare dozen TNT patterns left now...and a wardrobe challenge to see if I can use just 12 patterns to clothe myself for a year.

But now I'm feeling a little like Linus without his blanket...do you suppose anyone will be running any April Fool's day sales?


  1. Assuming it's not an April Fool's joke, that is an awesome challenge. I might even try that myself.

  2. But yes, it would be an incredible challenge, wouldn't it?

  3. OK. I'll bite. What are the 12 TNTs?

  4. Again, I'm inspired. 12 patterns = awesome! I'm with Beth: which ones were the final 12 that retained their room and board?