Sunday, April 06, 2008

Choir Sundays 08 #12...and the 'Pause' button

First, The Choir Sunday: It's a new month...

This month's colors: Black w/either purple or lavender

Jacket: Textile Studios Florence Jacket, from textured wool crepe

Top: Christine Jonson Basewear 2 sleeveless turtleneck, from a black/purple/lavender rayon/lycra print jersey;

Pants: Black wool gabardine Loes Hinse Oxford Pants

And...the Pause Button....

For some time now, I've been feeling rather restless with the time consumed by the internet. I spend too much time checking and rechecking for comments, opinions, looking for sewing inspiration...nothing bad, you understand, but seriously out of balance. I've been confronted again with a question of priority this morning and I realize the time has come for me to take a bit of an Internet hiatus. Oh, I'll still check email, but I'm going to be taking a break from the blogs and boards for a little while. Time to do a little refocusing.

I'm not sure how long I'll be gone (maybe the rest of the month?) or what might change when I come back, but I don't want my cyber friends worrying...this is not a bad thing. It's a growth thing.

If you need to get in touch, you can reach me at tig77lw 'at' yahoo dotcom.

Thanks to all of you who have traveled with me on this journey so far...I value your friendship very much.


  1. I hear you on trying to limit internet time (says she who should be in bed instead of reading blogs, it's almost midnight on this side of the planet).

    I hope you can figure out a way to keep blogging after your hiatus, maybe less often if necessary. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Lisa, I hear you and understand. I'll miss your blog as I read it everyday. Happy sewing and I hope to see you back in the future.
    Linda (SewingLibrarian)

  3. I completely understand! It is important to have a balance in life. I'll miss your posts, but I know you need to do what is right for your own life. I'll be looking for your next post, whenever that will be!

  4. I'm all for reconnecting with the demands of realtime will be a treat when you pop up again.

  5. Dear Lisa, I shall miss your posts but totally support you in refocusing your priorities. Take care until we "meet" again! Mary

  6. I'm SO with ya girl!!! I've been forced to slow down...only because of life demanding it!! These two little ones are a bit overwhelming at times!!! I use my morning when they are low key to do it!!! I think it's awesome that you're doing it though!!!

    By the way...your purple looks awesome!!! You ALWAYS do a great job!!! Hope to see you at M&M's tonight!!! TTYS
    Love ya,

  7. See you (cyber-wise) when you come back!

  8. I don't leave many comments and someties it seems as if I tiptoe in and out of your blog, but I will miss your very distinctive voice until you return!!! Please don't stay away long!