Sunday, September 06, 2015

In Which She Wears Nothing She Made

It had to happen sooner or later.

I've come close a time or two, but usually managed to squeek in a cami top or a scarf or something to keep the string going.

But today we were requested to wear the shirts that promo our upcoming women's conference, if we had them (as we did a video shoot for the conference, many ladies in the choir did).  It is a black shirt w/ metallic gold lettering...and September choir colors are black or ivory w/ gold.

So today I wore my SHE t-shirt and blue jeans.

No cardi, no vest, no scarf...nothing that came off of my sewing machine.

It was hard.  I didn't realize what a point that was for me.  I kinda like the 'I always wear something I made' vibe.  I actually pulled a vest out of the closet that time has rendered a bit too small...and made myself put it back, because it detracted from the shirt.  Uniformity is the point.

You know, anything can be carried too far.  Maybe I should make myself wear a RTW outfit once a month or so, just so that I don't let that become part of my identity.

I will admit there have been times when I put back the first outfit I pulled out of the closet because I hadn't made any of the pieces.  Even though it was a really cute outfit in the right colors.  I was too hung up on the 'I must Wear My Makes' kinda deal.

So.  Not stopping the Choir Wardrobe posts...but admitting that there will be Sundays when I will find myself dressed in stuff I bought.

And that's ok.

But I probably won't post those photos. This ain't no style blog.  (but you knew that already  ;-) )

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