Sunday, August 09, 2015

Choir Wardrobe 8/9/15

I can pretty much guarantee it will be all old stuff for August; our colors for this month are black, gray and coral.

I have plenty of black, gray and coral in the wardrobe from past years, so  there's no need to crank out more at this point.

Black Lee jeans with a dove gray ...fine cotton?  It's been too long...jersey made up in a sleeveless version of  Jalie 2682, topped by a variation of my favorite knit cardi pattern, Jalie  2919 in a rayon blend jersey.

However, next month the colors are going to be black, white/ivory and gold, which are the colors for our women's conference that will be happening the 10th - 12th, themed 'She is BRAVE'.

And I have a metallic gold half calf skin waiting on me to be very BRAVE and make it up into a vest.

So.  We shall see.  I did pull the piece out and put it on the cutting table. ;-)

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