Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Little switch...

So, I have the in-need-of-alteration Hot Patterns top on the cutting table upstairs, but I'd already switched out the thread in the serger so I decided to get something else out of the queue.

Made it on Monday, but, as yesterday was St. Patrick's day and I had to wear green to celebrate my1/16 Irishness, I wore it today.  And took a crummy bathroom selfie, but you can get the idea.

Katherine Tilton's Vogue 8691, made up in a marbled cotton/lycra jersey that was kind of a last minute 'oh, what the heck' addition to an on line order late last year.
Very good impulse, that time.  It feels wonderful and was very nice to sew.
My only complaint about the top is that the band is just a teeny bit too wide for the curve of the neck and buckles slightly.  But not bad enough for me to take it off and trim it and certainly not at all difficult to edit next time.  
Back to the LaStrada  top...


  1. Looks great. I'm the one that said it had tight sleeves. I was wrong on the pattern number. OOPS! It was another Tilton pattern. 8861 I think.

    1. The sleeves are just about perfect for me...BUT, I did use a 3/8 seam allowance on the underarm/side seam, so it squeeked out a teeny bit more ease. Part of my cheat to avoid going up a size... ;-)