Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Indy Expo Report, part 3

I've been using a lot of 'I'm not buying fabric' willpower this year...first, no fabric until I finished the trench coat, and just right after I finished we started planning to go to the expo and I wanted to save my fabric dollars for the good stuff there.

So, you know, I totally used it all up by the time I walked in.

 I will throw this out as well...all those wonderful instructors make exactly NO money teaching the classes.  All their income from the show comes from product sales.  So I make a point to purchase SOMETHING from the booth of each instructor who teaches me during the course of the expo.

And this year, I had a bunch of instructors...

From Kathy Ruddy, I bought 2 rulers (including the SA curve ruler with the straight the 'just curve' I've got...the straight edge will make it perfect) and swedish tracing paper; they're not terribly exciting and I didn't take photos of those.

I came home with four patterns...and I intended to just put up links so I didn't take photos, and I JUST discovered that not all of them are link-able, so I'll describe them now and maybe put up photo next time...I got a jacket pattern from Cynthia Guffey (I also got her hand sewing DVD, but that came with the class),  Louise Cutting's 'Blouse Perfected', and two Sewing Workshop patterns...the Eureka top and skirt, which came with the class, and the Helix top and pant pattern.

So.  That leaves fabric.  And as I said, all my willpower was used before I got there...

Ten Pieces.  Doesn't this look like a SWAP to you?  I really didn't do it on purpose, but, wow, they all go together.  Maybe I'll use that for 2015...'Lisa's Expo SWAP'...if I don't get to it before then...

Black  and black/gray stripe bamboo/lycra, and a yummy   black/gray stripe/tan pinstripe tropical wool Vogue fabrics, who were there with a booth about 1/3 the size of their usual Atlanta booth.  The floral rayon challis in the middle is from them, too.  The white fabric is a pique cotton shirting...that and the large floral, which I think is a linen/rayon blend,  in the next to last spot came from Louise Cutting.  The other four pieces are a 'black denim-look' rayon blend doublknit and 3 yummy silks, which came from Nancy Erickson.

Detail of the silks; the gray is a rich crepe; the turquoise is a jacquard and the fuschia is stretch silk/lycra.  I got a yard and a half of each for a drapey top of some sort.  They are all frequent choir colors; I bet I will wear them to death.

One piece is going to be a challenge.  This is that (I think) Linen/rayon blend from Louise.  See that stripe on the selvege edge?  It is on both sides, but it's clearly not a typical border print.  The assumption is that it was printed with the intention of being cut for use as a detail on whatever the garment was.  I am not sure what I'm going to do with it, but it will be fun trying to decide.  Inserts between gores of a skirt?  Plackets down the front of a blouse?  Cuffs on sleeves?

Lots of possibilities, no?  Who has other ideas?

 I'll take a photo of the patterns and make that the last Expo post for this year.

And of course, I hope to get some sewing done sometime soon...

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  1. Really pretty fabrics, and that border print is lovely, but as you say will be a challenge.