Thursday, May 15, 2014

Grad Dress, Part 2 -- Fruitless search

Today was the Flute Player's LAST Last Day of School, and she was done before lunch, so I used some of my mega comp time accumulated during the data base migration and took the day off and we went shopping.

Oy.  'Tis a desolate search in the world of retail.  We actually only found try-on worthy dresses in two stores.  Of those, there were about 3 that she rather liked.  But the fit was off in all of them just a bit, and the construction...well, lets just say it wasn't up to my standards.

But she tried on about 8 dresses and, in trying those on, saw what silhouettes she liked and got a good idea of what she wants.

So I came home and showed her  about 3 patterns that had elements of the dresses she liked; of those, she chose New Look 6935.

We had to leave again almost immediately for the LAST end-of-the-year band concert, but once that was history I came home and began tracing.  Hope to get it muslined up tomorrow so I  know it's a go and can make a quick trip to Hancock's for suitable fabric.  I have an idea of what I want...but, you know, I'm just gonna hafta pick the best of what's there.
Fortunately, both of the reviews the dress has over on Pattern Review say the dress is very quick to make.

Glory hallelujah.

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