Friday, April 18, 2014

Moving on...

Before I jump into the progress report, I have a question.

Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a downloadable photo editor? Or, maybe I should rephrase that...does anyone have experience with a cheap photo editor?   I just need something that will crop and resize pictures, nothing fancy schmancy.  Microsoft apparently removed the photo editor from  their home package; I always used the one that was included in our Microsoft 03 package on the old HP, but, well, that has gone the way of all electronics. I really want to post some photos...

So.  Back to the sleeve dilemma.  Debbie had a very good point...something that Cynthia Guffey has stressed in her can't judge fit of a garment unless you've got both sleeves on.  I knew that...but I didn't really want to put that other sleeve on just to take it off again.

Then I had a facepalm moment...I'd already FINISHED the had both sleeves set in, cut at exactly the finished sleeve length at the moment.

So I pulled the lining out and put it on.  Hm.  Looked promising, so I took a breath and put the other sleeve on.

Yeah, it's still pretty long.

But when I cross my arms, the sleeves hit precisely where I want them to.

I need that extra length after all.

So...woot woot, I pressed the sleeve seams, pulled out all the gathering/basting stiches and serged the seam allowances.

I'm looking at a fair amount of handwork now; I've got a floating back shield that I attached at the shoulders to floating chest shields and I'm going to hand tack that assembly to the shoulder seams and the armsceye seams, and have a look and see if that gives me just that pinch of extra support or if it really makes the top boardy.

And I also have some fleece sleeve headers to put in as well to support the shoulder cap.

None of that is in the pattern guide, btw.  I'm making it up as I go.

Then I will add the shoulder pads; at some point in there I'll hem the sleeves, too.

Then I'll put the lining in.

I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  There's only one more major hurdle now...the buttonholes.  The Kenmore makes nice ones, but with the cam set up it's always a bit of a guess as to just exactly where it's going to start sewing in the button hole pattern.

I'm still trying to think how to get rid of that guessing...


  1. I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. No idea what it costs - I think it came with my computer. Great for cropping, editing (much more than I know how to do), minor touch-ups (red eye, etc.). Then I resize the photos in Microsoft Office.

    1. The Microsoft Office is what I had on the XP in MO 2003. Can't find it in MO 2013. I can't believe there isn't SOMETHING in this package that I can use, but I haven't found anything yet. We've only got Adobe photoshop.
      We may have an old version of photoshop on a cd rom somewhere...

    2. I found a whole discussion online about the missing photo editor from MS 13; I'm not the only person bummed by it's absence. Apparently there is a 'live' version that must be registered for, but, again, that's in the cloud and I really don't want to do my photo editing in the cloud. I don't want to upload something to edit it...

  2. I'm glad the length worked out. .

    I need to follow my own advice of putting in both sleeves. I've skipped that step on muslins and had problems later!

  3. what about PicMonkey - it's free, although there are some purchasable elements. But it will let you crop, edit and add text for free, easy to use. etc.

    Jacket is sounding promising - can't wait to see pics ;)


    1. It looks like picmonkey is an online editor; I really want something I can download and use off-line. I want my old MO editor...apparently can't get

  4. You can download Google Picassa for free- you might need a gmail or Google+ account but you dont have to be online to use it. It has decent editing.

    1. Hm... I use Picasa web albums for photos posted in the reviews; I didn't know they had an editing tool. I'll check that out...thanks!

    2. Hm. Looks like I'm going to have to do things in a slightly different order, but it may work. Picasa will not let me resize photos; BUT, I can upload them to the Picasa album that is linked to the blog and resize them at upload, then add the photo from the album instead of doing a direct upload. Little more complicated, put it looks like it will work. I'll give it a shot as soon as I have time...