Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Close Call

Decided tonight was The Night to cut out the Trench coat...at least the shell fabric.

Due to the moth damage, I knew I was going to have to fold and cut and fold and cut my way through it; the first piece I cut was the back...tailors tacked all the markings I needed, and then refolded and laid on the front, the lower sleeve and the welt flaps.

For some strange reason, I felt compelled to check the length of the cut back against the laid-out front...I just wanted to make sure I'd added two inches to the pattern length before I cut it.  Something made me think I might've only added an inch and a half.

But, as I messed around with the back something began to nag at me.  Something wasn't right.  I tried to ignore that little mosquito thought on the edge of my conscious and continued chalk marking the addition to the bottom of the front...and just as I finished marking it I realized what the 'something wrong' was.

I'd used the pattern piece for the back lining to cut the back instead of the actual back piece.

I thought I was done for right there.  Kaput.  I wanted to cry, throw up, throw things, scream...instead, I took a deep breath and checked the actual back piece against the remaining length.

There was enough.  By cutting the upper sleeve and a couple of other smaller pieces from the first piece I'd cut, I squeaked by.

There might even be enough left for me to test a couple of different weights of interfacing, although I'm pretty sure I'll use Pro Sheer on the whole front.

Maybe I'll get the rest cut out on Thursday...



  1. So glad you were able to make it work!

  2. If I hadn't caught it then...there's a good chance I would not have been able to salvage it. I'm hoping that's the last near-disaster here...

  3. good save! We need to listen to our guts when they scream at us!! g