Monday, March 17, 2014

Am I Overthinking?

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm trying too hard here.

I finally got all the teeny bits of the pattern cut...and I made a pattern for a sleeve header, chest shield and back support as well.

Then I read carefully through the Burda instructions to see how much interfacing they expect me to put on this coat.  It wasn't very easy to find...I  had to hunt a bit to see what I was supposed to interface. 

It's WAAAAAYYYY less than I expected.  No chest shield.  No upper back support.  On the front, there is only a strip down the front edge and around the dart/pocket opening (and I must say, their description of that made NO sense).

I expected a full front interfacing at the very least.

So now I've got a I go with the pattern instructions (I looked again at the photos of the coat in the does look rather floppy) or do I add more interfacing?  If I add it, how much?

I never liked guess work, but I want the coat to be reasonably sturdy.

Time to go read Trench coat reviews and blog posts, I think...


  1. I would add more and go with your gut feeling.

  2. Oh I wish I had a good answer for you. But I think the answer is - go with your gut. If you think the pictures look flimsy and the coat needs more interfacing - then add it. Not helpful at all, is it? g

  3. Yeah, but my gut feeling is just based on what I've seen around the web...not on personal experience. And the reviews for this coat did not mention adding any additional interfacing. Still, I have to start somewhere...even if I decide that it's only so-so when I'm done...

  4. Have you done a test piece yet to see what the "body" of it does? Therein may lie your answer.

    1. LOL..ok, I've been called out now! I'll think and stew for days, but test...who has time for that?? *facepalm*

  5. Personally I'd go with what "I" liked a finished coat to look like. "I" like coats that are more structured and tailored looking. So that would mean I would add more interfacing than what the pattern calls for. It might even be a rather soft interfacing but it would still add some structure. Make sense?