Wednesday, February 12, 2014

HItting the Cyber Wall Again

There are two things that have continually been a thorn in the side as I've tried to participate in the online sewing community.

The first has been photo hosting...trying to find SOMEONE who can host photos that I can access for reviews and such without the need to go back and relink the photos every 18 months or so.  I think I'm on the 4th time for updating the links for some of the older reviews....two of the photo hosting sites that I used closed shop and a third one seems to randomly mess with the links; what clicked through to a specific photo one week will just bring up the whole album the next week.  Very frustrating.

The second is the feed collectors... places to subscribe and read all the new posts in one spot.  I think the first one I used was Bloglines; they went away and I moved to Google Reader, then they closed up shop and I tried Bloglovin' before landing on the Old Reader, who threatened to go away but found new owners and stabilized.

However, when I logged in today I found that the Old Reader has instituted a 'premium' service, available at the introductory price of $20/year, effective immediately.

They say they wanted to avoid using advertising, and  have cool new features available for folks who want to subscribe.    But, not to worry, they said, they will still have a free version for folks who have less than 100 subscriptions.  And, while the new pricing is in effect now, they are graciously giving everyone 'about 2 weeks' to look things over and make up their minds.

Now, I am not opposed to paying for services.  But someone dug into the 'terms of service' and found some clause that was left over from the previous free version that basically said that the administrators were reserving the right to terminate the service without notice.  Pretty bad if you've paid for a year.

This seems to be pretty heavy handed.  Not the sort of service I'm interested in paying for.

But I had 227 subscriptions.

So I began to delete subscriptions.  First to go were all of them that had not been updated in the last six months or so (with one or two exceptions...if those folks ever post an update, I want to know...).  That was quite  a lot, actually; I was surprised at how many hadn't been updated in over a year.

But that left me still well over a hundred.  So I went back again and culled all of them that weren't really what I read blogs for...blogs that had morphed into knitting or quilting or cute pictures of grandchildren or lots of links to other places on the 'net.

Still over a hundred.  Now I had to steel myself and be ruthless.  I went back again and removed subscriptions to blogs that I had subscribed to a while but, for one reason or another, I just didn't make a connection with the blogger.  Nice stuff, nice work, but ...sigh.

After all that, I was still at 112.  I reminded myself that I still have subscriptions to all but the very newest ones over on Bloglovin', so it's not like I'm cutting folks out of my life forever.  I took a breath and looked at folks who had posted within the last few months, but the post before that one was six months or so older.  Seldom updated blogs.

Finally, I just had to randomly pick two or three to cut.  It wasn't easy, but I got it down to 99.  And every one of the names on that list are blogs I recognize....intentional subscriptions.

But I'm hoping to bite the bullet and switch to Bloglovin, so I can just delete the Old Reader account.  Because that's just going to be too much trouble to maintain two separate lists.  Besides, they rather ticked me off.

To be honest, if my blog was on the list I probably would've cut it, too...not enough inspirational sewing going on at the moment, just rehashes of old things that don't really fit any more. 

So that made me appreciate anyone who is still following along here.  Thanks for hanging with me; hopefully better sewing days are ahead. ;-)


  1. I'm not a big one for blog readers since I read on either my computer or my iPad and can access my reading list from Blogger BUT I do have bloglovin' on both and can say i actually enjoy the experience then. So if you are going to use a reader, I highly recommend bloglovin'

  2. (and, Blogger bites again. Once more I typed in a whole comment, then hit that button that is in the logical 'publish' location, only to find I logged myself out. Again. Why would anyone need to log out from the comment box anyway???)

    Ok, let's see if I can recreate my comment...Oh, yeah. I'm kinda 'meh' about bloglovin' because...1) they do not allow me to read an entire post right there in the list. I have to click through and load up every post I want to read. Which takes a lot of time. Which means I find myself just reading that little one paragraph blub and marking it 'read', just because I don't have a lot of time. On the other readers I've used, I only had to click through if I wanted to leave a comment... and 2) Bloglovin' slips in a 'sponsored' post (read: advertising) every so often that brings me up short...'Who did I subscribe to that would post THAT?'...then I realize I didn't subscribe but it's there just like I did. I don't mind advertising around the periphery, but stuck in the flow like that annoys me.

    I need to revisit the Blogger subscriptions...except it's not like it used to be, and I think the last time I tried to add a subscription to my Blogger home page it wanted me to create a google plus account. But maybe I'm mixing that up with something else.

    But, at the moment it looks like I'm going to just be making do with Bloglovin'...and grumbling.

    Now to click the button on the lower LEFT...

  3. I use bloglovin' and for the most
    part have been happy with it. The Internet is a fickle friend though. It seems that as you get accustomed to one thing, they, whoever they is, go and change everything. Oh well, maybe it makes us use our brain a little more and will stave off old age ;)

  4. It's a pain to change to new stuff, isn't it ? I signed up with Bloglovin' but in all honesty I just use my blog roll for reading. Sorted with most current on top and showing snippets works for me. I just scroll down to where I left off and start from there.

    1. Yeah...I think it's just the hassle of having to redo stuff. And I suppose I'll get used to the snippets eventually. But I know I miss stuff on account of 'em. The blogroll would work just about as wouldn't it... ;-)

  5. I was a huge fan of Google reader and was totally angry when they shut it down. I tried the old reader for a bit and got mad that they were going to make it only available to old time users. I switched to feedly, which I hated at first, but really like now. They tried to emulate the Google reader look and did a pretty good job. There are apps for my phone and tablet, which makes me very happy. (The android phone app works flawlessly, however the android tablet app is a touch buggy.) Might be worth checking it out.

    1. Well, for now I'm on Bloglovin', mostly just because I don't want to go to the hassle of importing the whole deal again. I did look at Feedly when GR shut down but it didn't appeal to me for some reason, which I don't remember now. If I get tired of the whole click and load thing on Bloglovin' I may start hunting again. But thanks for the recommendation; it'll be at the top of the list if I go hunting again....