Sunday, February 16, 2014

Choir Wardrobe 2/16/14

February colors are black and white, with tan/gold accents.

I pulled out an uber stretchy Jalie 2005 v-neck top, in a tan print on black;  layered it over a black Jalie 965 tank top and topped it with Loes Hinse's Bistro Jacket.  Coldwater Creek jeans.

All old stuff.  But I finally got on the sewing boards this weekend by finishing that silly little sleevelss boatneck top that's been on the sewing machine for about 2 months.  Don't have a photo yet; it's a little awkward in that 1)it's a rather firm double knit, not a floppy rayon jersey, so it's a bit snug and 2) there's a bit of a gap in the armhole; it needs a scant 1/2" dart rotated out.  But it's intended to be worn solely as a bottom layer under a jacket or cardi, so I'm thinking neither of those things are going to be big problems.  Especially since it was made from the remnants of the fabric after I'd cut out pants and a skirt.  So it's, like, free anyway, right?

I also broke down and used my rolled hem foot to finish off  the square scarf that I've been toting around for a year and a half.  I've tried and tried to get my hand rolling down on the scraps that had been cut from the edges of the panel, but I just couldn't get anything I was at all happy with...and the scarf panel itself was beginning to fray.  So I figured I'd better just hem the silly thing and keep practicing...maybe someday I'll get the technique down and I'll hand roll a scarf.  It was even a pain to hem on the rolled edge foot; that's something else I need to do some serious practicing on. 

I'll try to wear at least one of those to work this week and get a photo....

Meantime, I have now cleared out the queue in front of the trench coat muslin.  And tomorrow is a day off...

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