Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another SWAP Baby Step

Actually pulling fabric and making The Plan...
So...The top fabric is wool gab, for the trench coat.  It's been bagged up waiting to be sewn since 2007, and I found some moth damage on it.  But it's mostly along the selvedges, and I purchased about half a yard extra fabric, so I think I can work around it.  But the Simplicity pattern that I had traced has mysteriously disappeared...I thought it was in the bag with the fabric and such, but it wasn't.  I may be starting fresh with one of the 4 or 5 trench coat patterns that are in my archived Burda Style magazines.  sigh.  And I'm giving myself 4 weeks.  If I can get it done by Valentine's day I should have enough time left to get the rest of the SWAP done...but every weekend between now and then is booked.  Gonna be tough.   But even if that's all I manage to get'll be done.  Cause for celebration.

The rest of the SWAP fabrics across the front are:
1) black rayon (bamboo?) jersey.  Jalie drapey v-neck top and Jalie cap sleeve t shirt
2) heathery gray ribbed rayon/lycra jersey.  Jalie cap sleeve t.
3) silver rayon jersey.  Jalie drapey v-neck top.  This is almost the same color as the one I wore to death.
4) White cotton jersey.  Jalie cap sleeve t.
5) Rayon/cotton/lycra 3 oz. denim.  Button up shirt...pattern TBD
6)  White cotton jacquard stripe.  Button up shirt, pattern TBD.  I may actually switch to a different white fabric on this, we'll see.  For now, I pulled this one.
7) khaki stretch cotton/lycra sateen.  Slim leg pants, pattern TBD.  If I really have enough, it's a remnant from an earlier project. I've got about 2 yards and a long bit along the fold but it's only 45" wide.  May have to switch this.
8) black wool/lycra tropical weight suiting.  Loes Hinse Oxford pants and shortened Cutting Lines Designs InTheTrenches skirt.

That's 11 garments; not sure how I'm going to split them into 3-packs.  The trench coat is obviously one Wild Card; not sure about the other.  The denim shirt, perhaps...

I totally forgot to take the choir photo today; I was going to post this tomorrow but, well, maybe that'll give me a pinch more time to sew.  4 weeks...

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  1. Nice fabrics. If I counted correctly, that gives you eight tops, two pants, one skirt, and a trenchcoat. You should get a lot of mileage from those items, since the fabrics all seem to work together. It will be fun watching you create these!