Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Top 5

Somewhere there's a button and a link for the top five, but I'm too lazy to go find em and link up.

Besides, my top 5 projects for this year were pretty much my sewing for the year...I really didn't get much done.  Hoping that scenario changes for next wardrobe is in sore need of some sprucing up.

Anyway... The Numero Uno sewing project for the year has to be the Poppy Skirts that I made for the 2013 musical, The Wiz.  I'll throw the 2nd spot to the Emerald City Citizen dress I cobbled up in about 5 hours, starting with a rather plain velvet dress and funkifying it up.

After that, it gets rather blah. I dove into a huge data migration project at work, and really had no time to sew.  Or buy milk, for that's been a crazy year.  But I did squeak through a couple of things...

I'll give the 3rd spot to the Hippie Earth Mother Tiered skirt.  I would live in these skirts in the summer, I think.  This makes two that I own...I may very well make some more before too much longer.  They are just FUN to wear...

4th place would be the pillowcases for Rhonda's Pillowcase project.  There is something really powerful about giving up personal time for someone else, and I enjoyed making these pillowcases.  I hope that somewhere someone enjoys looking at them.

The fifth place spot would probably go to the Jiffy Pop Top, just because it was such a spur of the moment fun thing that perked up my sewing confidence when it was seriously beginning to lag.

As we still have our family Christmas in front of us (New Year's Day), my cutting table is currently buried under gift wrapping supplies.  Not finished wrapping yet.   I do have a couple of things cut out I can work on if I can catch a minute or two. 

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