Tuesday, November 05, 2013

3 Plus 1 Pillowcases

As I'm sure many of you know, Rhonda Buss is doing a pillowcase drive for Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.  Her goal was to accumulate 900 pillowcases...roughly the amount needed for one month's worth of giveaways.

I wanted to participate, but I don't have a big stash of printed cottons and I just hadn't managed to go hunting for suitable fabric and wasn't sure I was going to get something suitable in time to get them in.  But at the Sewing Expo last month, a pizza-printed cotton caught my eye, and I found that there were also hotdog and hamburger prints.  They were kinda pricey for pillowcases, but, hey, it's for kids, right?

So I brought 'em home and, like every other project I've been sewing for the last six months, I worked on 'em fifteen minutes at a time.

During the course of the little-bit-at-a-time pillowcase project, my high school girls club had a sewing night and made some tote bags from the three cotton prints I could scrape out of my stash (more on that later, with photos...).  I had a remnant left of one of the prints that was just enough for a pillowcase, so I have the three food pillowcases...plus the one random one.

These will go in the mail tomorrow (I hope!);  Rhonda is only 6 pillowcases short of 900 as of her blog post today, so I'm sure mine will be extras, but I'm glad to get to send some along.  It has been fun to see what everyone has done for this.

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