Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Work Wear 6

I knew the WW posts would be irregular, but I did mean to post them a LITTLE more often than this...

Anyway, today I woke up feeling green.  Not ready for full out fall colors, even though fall is Officially Here, it's 80ish degrees outside and I just don't feel ready to dig out the boots and stuff.

Not sure how my feet are going to like going back into closed shoes again, either.  5 months of Birkenstocks have reduced the neuroma symptoms considerably, but they are not gone. Sigh.

But, anyway.  Green.

The first green silk blouse I pulled out of the closet surprised me because it hadn't been pressed.  I normally don't bring things upstairs until they've had a date with the iron, so I was rather dismayed to see that it wasn't wearable...and I didn't have time to iron.

So I pulled out my green grade Z duppioni Tribeca Shirt and went scrounging in the closet to see if I had a scarf that would go with it.  I found a greenish floral scarf that I got for really cheap someplace this spring and laid it on the shirt.  My first thought was, wow, that really looks blue against that green...but as I looked at it a moment I realized there were shades of green mottled up in it that DID match the green of the shirt.


So I put on some jeans and my blue rayon lycra jersey Jalie 965 tank top , then I topped it with the Tribeca and the Really Cheap scarf.  And some jadey green/gold earrings that have been lurking in the jewelry box so long I can't say when I actually wore them last.

And I got enough compliments today (i.e., TWO...lol) that I thought it might be worth a Work Wear Post.

The Flute Player played the part of the photographer today and didn't do TOO badly, although the light settings were set for the wrong kind of light. 

Maybe I can get in the sewing room just a bit tonight to put those pockets (inseam after all) on the Loud Jacket...

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