Tuesday, May 14, 2013

All cleaned up and ready to sew...

I've been in and out of my local sewing repair shop about 4 times in the last 3 weeks...took in all three machines for check ups/ tune ups/ repairs.

And ended up with a total bill of just under $300.  Which sounds like a lot, but only because it was all at once. 

The routine service is $69...and, for both sewing machines (including the one that had been dropped in the parking lot  back in August of '08) that was all I needed, although I did buy a larger rolled edge foot (the one that came with my machine was a skinny minny 2 mm!  Good for chiffon but not much else...) and replaced 2 broken feet for my New Home...cost for those pieces was about $35.  The serger, owing to the pin that hit the knives,  cost a bit more...upper and lower knives and a new throat plate.

Based on what I've read elsewhere, 70 bucks for a routine service is not at all bad.  And my machines looked so nice and clean when I got them!

So, now I want to sew and see if I can really tell they've been fixed up. ;-)

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  1. That's about what I pay for mine. I hope they're all working 100%.