Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Tech Week Day 3 - Funkification

The Flute Player allowed me to take a photo of her when she put on the dress so I could trim the bottom of the sparkle knit a bit on the condition that  I ONLY put it on the blog...it is not allowed on Facebook...

But I got the dress ready...took off the lace, opened the front seam, serged the raw edges...last night and this morning before I went to work, then spent most of this evening doing it up.  About 3
yards of sparkly knit gathered under the front skirt, which was draped on either side; fabric rosettes trimmed it out and a feather boa camoflaged the marks from the removed lace.  The boa drapes down the back on either side.

So.  Definitely funky; it will fit in with the rest of the Emerald City Citizens.  She said it was much heavier; I believe it....and I came home with bits of green feather debris all over my white cotton top...

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