Sunday, April 28, 2013

Choir Wardrobe 042813

...and a little fabric in, a little fabric out. ;-)

First, the Fabric Out:

2 yards of lavender silk charmeuse, rendered into my second go at Burda 08-2009-117.  I actually intended to get a shell top and an oblong scarf from 2 yards, but, well, I did the prewash with some rayon challis and, um, I ended up with some spots on the silk, although there is no sign anywhere of running dye on the challis.  But, if such a thing had to happen, much better that it happened while the fabric was still in a chunk; I was able to cut around the spots well enough for the blouse.  Like the first blouse, I made bias tube ties ('rouleaux' if you're in TGBSB?) for the front closure, although I did try a different technique for hemming the flounce; not sure I got much better results...the two sides still stretched out asymmetrically.  But, really, it's hardly noticeable in the flounciness so I'm not going to worry about it.

Finished that up last night so I could wear it today; this is the last day for lavender so I wanted to get it done ;-).  I teamed it up with the old RTW jacket with the funky sleeve hem alteration...someday this WILL be replaced...and some straight leg dark washed Lees.  And my birki sandals, which I'm wearing to TRY and deal with neuromas but found to be quite cold on this rainy Sunday.  The kitty is quite fuzzy looking because I really liked the photo w/o the flash better.   I used the dull side of the charmeuse...that shiny side always has a lingerie look to me...but even the dull side was pretty reflective with the flash.

And the fabric in?  Well....I wanted to show some support for the city of Boston, and decided an order from a Boston business would definitely be some support.  So I got a wee bit of fabric from my girlfriend Ann...a rayon/poly/lurex knit, some RPL suiting and some breathtakingly gorgeous silk chiffon....oh, what shall I do to showcase that??? ;-)

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