Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Poppies, Poppies, Part 6

In Which She Has Help

Got word this morning that a handful of ladies that had sewn costumes for musicals in the past would be coming to school tonight to help with the poppy skirts, so I loaded up everything I had and took it to school.

Unfortunately, my cohort who took home fabric and patterns last night was not able to come.  So we only had the fabric I had with me and the one pattern I managed to trace off before I left.

I cut petals all night as fast as I could to keep the ladies with something to do.

But they DID get the prototype skirt disassembled, and we found a spindle with a bit of floral wire that was judged appropriate for the petal edges.   One lady couched the wire to the seam allowance of two of the petals (that was all the wire we had).  I need to get some more and finish up the other three top petals and put the skirt back together for final approval.

I'm not sure I'm happy with the result; yes, it bends and holds its shape, but the nice clean lines of the petal are now not-so-clean; the wire makes the lining buckle at the edge.   Perhaps that will not be noticeable on stage...

Meantime, I cut out 12 petals from the fabric and the nylon net, and about 6 from the lining.  Used up all the fabric and lining I had....and most of the darts in those petals were sewn up.  So the petals for skirt two are well started.

I immediately iced my low back when I got home.  It feels better now. ;-)

It's going to be Friday before I have another chance to sew at all, I fear.  Sigh.

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