Monday, December 10, 2012

Work Wear 2: Dressier Edition

Well, last weekend I was chaperoning a school trip; this past weekend the laundry was piled high and our water heater fried itself (on Saturday, of course).  We were able to get it fixed over the weekend ($$$) but that meant that no laundry got done.

So that means I was pretty well left with just dressy stuff to wear today.  So I revisited the SWAP 2006 wardrobe...dug out the tripod and played around just trying to get a photo in which I actually appeared more or less vertical. This is not a great photo...but it's the best of the lot that I did in a hurry.  Hopefully, now that My Sweet Baboo has actually explained the intricacies of the tripod, I'll do better and quicker next time.

So, the workwear today was Vogue8043 Today's Fit jacket, in a tweed that I loved when I bought it, loved when I sewed it and still love when I wear it,  black double knit modified Loes Hinse Gored Skirt and a Textile Studio Monaco Shell, made over 9 years ago from a used-to-be-textured slinky knit.  The texture is gone but the color is still fab...

I got asked today why I dressed up; well, I was tired of blue jeans; I said, this is what was clean...

BTW, after reading a blog post and comments about those captcha verifications, I have turned mine off.  So far, I've just gotten one spam comment per day since I did; I think that's bearable if it means more folks will be able to comment.  If I get slammed w/spam, I may have to go back, but with comment moderation turned on I think I can manage one or two a day.


  1. Very nice outfit. A very nice change from jeans, too. Sorry about the water heater though.

  2. Just stumbled on your blog hitting the "next blog" button :) It's great that you made the whole outfit yourself-- the jacket looks very professional. I used to sew a little, but you've inspired me to work on it more over Christmas break!

  3. Well you look lovely in your outfit but it sounds bad about the water heater and washing piles up very quickly . It sounds like you are very busy at the moment.

  4. PS - I have been looking at some old posts on some other sewing sites and they get ALOT of spam - so far I have been quite lucky and only had a few spam comments but it is annoying and seems to be advertising totally dodgy stuff.

  5. You look great in this, Lisa. You should keep it in your rotation even after you catch up on the laundry!