Saturday, May 19, 2012

Knit Tops!

So, last night I thought about those knit tops that are sitting in the queue and I thought...those'll only take 30 minutes apiece or so to sew...

So I pulled 'em out and put 'em together while I was doing laundry.    Two more Jalie 965 tank tops, one aqua and one navy,  (I've quit counting how many of those I have...alot...), an aqua Simplicity 4076 scoop-neck T, which is replacing the first top I made from that view of the pattern as it is getting pathetically pilled up, and a navy T from a previously untried T pattern, Jalie  2566.  That's the same envelope with that great cardigan; I actually combined a couple of the views to get a cap-sleeve, scoop-neck t.  I may wear it for choir tomorrow to get a real photo...but it's definitely going to be a TNT T-shirt option for me now.

So, yay!  Four new tops with an evening and a morning of off-and-on sewing! 

Next up: a little necessary sewing for the home and an alteration project for a friend (just a hem...), then I can focus on the fun stuff again...


  1. Good job Lisa! I need to do that to cleanse my palette...I have a dress *almost* done and took in a bunch of alterations...I think a knit top-a-palooza would really make me happy! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. This is a GREAT 'palette cleanse' ... after the 'B-' jacket and a bunch of really repetitive costuming, it really felt good to move those into the 'done' column! Another quick pick-me-up...elastic waist pants...need to make some of those, too... ;-)