Sunday, March 18, 2012

Choir Wardrobe 2012 03-18-12

Well, after a week of backing up and reloading, we're approaching normal computer capabilities again.  There's still a few things that aren't back, but hopefully I can be a little more active again.

I still haven't found the green for this month...I'd call it a 'bright jade green'; some other folks have called it 'seafoam'.  Maybe if I'd shop at the pricey department stores I'd have better luck, but I just haven't been able to do it.  No matter; we have folks wearing everything from mossy green to almost blue turquoise.  So my muted green scarf..from Target?  Maybe? works well enough.

It's matched  up with my Coldwater Creek knit bootcut jeans, an old  navy blue Evan Piccone poly/rayon jacket on which I nearly botched up the sleeves when I tried to shorten them.  They roll funny and feel weird, but, well, no more than I wear the jacket I put up with it.  Maybe someday I'll make a replacement with sleeves the correct length to begin with.  The sparkly gray knit on the Simplicity 2603 top is a hair darker than the designated gray for this month, but it will be perfect for next month and, under the lights, it all kinda blends anyway.

Next week I'll be tending to other church duties, so I won't be in choir, which means I'm done needing the green now. Whew.  Next month is medium gray, butter yellow and aqua, so I should be pretty much set...or I would be if I could get to my sewing room!  The vest that I began cutting...what, 2 weeks ago? still laid out on the cutting table.

If I could get caught up at work, I'd take a week off to sew.  Maybe after Easter... ;-)

And I thought I could do the SWAP competition this year.  Ha ha and ha.

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