Friday, March 30, 2012

'Flying Blind' Jacket Progress

I have finished the lining of the jacket; it's ready to be attached to the shell when it's ready.  The next step is attaching the cuffs to the sleeves; first I need to fell stitch the cuffs into a circle, just to make sure they line up properly.  I don't know if the directions were to finish the cuffs, then hand stitch them, or do a funky clip to the seamline to sew the very bottom part of that seam by machine...I still can't find the pattern and guide.

So far, I think the only thing I have messed up is that I assumed the seam allowance on the pocket welts was 3/8"; however, once I got the welts actually pinned to the jacket it appears it was supposed to be 5/8"; my welts went a bit past the dots.  But that's pretty minor.

For the lining, I used a silk/cotton panel print that I ordered from an online vendor, thinking I could use it for a scarf.  However, the fabric was much too substantial to be a scarf and it sat around for a while while I wondered what on earth I'd do with it.

As I recall, it somehow ended up lying next to the turquoise wool and I noticed that they went together rather well.   So I decided to use it for the body lining.  The back pleat is still basted shut.

The sleeve lining is Ambiance.

I *might* actually finish this in time for the Easter services; so far, I haven't heard anything about costume sewing...

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