Saturday, January 07, 2012

New Year - new projects...

I actually did a couple of sewing-related things yesterday...

Firstly, I pulled out my pattern for The Sewing Workshop's Tribeca Shirt.  I've made it twice; once in a burgundy/gray poly/rayonish brocade that I bought for a song at Sir's Fabrics; once from green silk duppioni from Hancock's that I bought for a bit more than a song and has proven to be only slightly more sturdy than paper towels.

I didn't make any changes in the pattern between the two, but the green one just never fit nearly as well as the burgundy one; it has serious problems with armsceye binding that, for who know what reason, is not as noticeable on the other top.

But, at the moment, both tops are too little.

So I decided it might be worth a quick adjustment; I need to adjust the shoulder/armsceye anyway, so it won't be too much trouble to add a bit onto the side seams that I can remove later.  And I have a sizable remnant left from my MOB dress that should do nicely and be wearable for choir this month.

In my 'quick adjustment' I
- did a 3/8" square shoulder adjustment
-moved the armsceye up and in to remove 3/4" length from the shoulder seam, which raised the underarm about an inch (but has not changed the overall length of the armsceye)
-lowered the bust darts/points an inch
-did a slight FBA
-added 5/8" to the back side seams.

I'm hoping to get it cut out today, but I have a huge amount of end-of-year home office work to crank out, so if I get it cut out I'll consider myself fortunate.

The other sewing related thing I did was to look up the Project Runway All Stars site and watch the first episode. We don't have cable; I've seen very few PR episodes through the seasons.  So it was interesting to finally see the folks whose names I've seen on the boards and such, and I was amazed by what folks made from $100 worth of 99 cent store finds and even more amazed by the creativity under pressure.  They had, what, about 12 hours in the workroom to do that?  Bless.

I should stop complaining about my lack of sewing time...

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