Thursday, October 06, 2011

Shopped and Dropped

Since the school system is currently in a 3-days-surrounding a weekend version of Fall Break, I took the Flute Player up the road to the new discount/department store that opened a bare 4 miles from our house.  She has grown like nobody's business in the past six months and was in need of jeans and at least one pair of dressy pants that covered her ankles.  And I just haven't had time to get any patterns adjusted for her;  she's been growing faster than I could get the adjustments made so we were going for emergency rations.

She took up residence in a fitting room while I ran around the store bringing her various styles and sizes.

Which means I got a pretty good look at the merchandise in the juniors and misses sections of the store.

O.Mi. Gosh.  What a bunch of...dreck.  Cheap, thin, wonky, card-boardy and EXPENSIVE.  We did find two pairs of jeans, one pair of (thin) RPL pants (that will need to be hemmed up a couple of inches) and some loungy/sweat pants.  All on sale..and it still rang up at about $120. 

I want to clear my calendar, take two weeks off from work and just sew that child a wardrobe. Quick-like, before she grows more.  And then make one for myself.

At least our fabrics will feel nice.

On a more positive note, I found out a few weeks back that Louise Cutting will be teaching a one-day seminar for the Birmingham chapter of the American Sewing Guild on the first Saturday in November (and she will be bringing fabric!!).  Miss A and I are making plans to go; I sent in my registration today. 

I haven't done a sewing event in a really long time; it'll be nice to see Louise again and get some inspiration.

But I really, really want to spend some quality time with my sewing machine...unfortunately, I've some mending/alterations that need to be done before I can really get there.  Sigh.

There are no big events scheduled for this weekend; I think I can at least knock some of those out.  I hope.


  1. Ouch! Could have got loads of nice fabric for that money.

  2. You said it! Suddenly altering patterns to fit her has moved waayy up my priority list...

  3. You're funny and I'm reading! Love your "laundry list" of projects at left. Wow.
    Susan from Los Gatos, CA

  4. No joke. I just had to buy my daughter 2 pr. of jeans and a 1 pr. of cords, and was not impressed with what we found. Fortunately, there was a good sale and the final prices ended up being cheaper than the fabric, notions and my time.