Sunday, July 24, 2011

Choir Wardrobe 7/24/11

The 'I'm barely holding my eyes open' edition...

Our Teen Girls retreat was this week; it's only Thursday - Saturday morning, but we had out of town company passing through on Saturday night and 4 church services to do and, well, I mostly just grabbed whatever I could and wore it.

And I pretty well looked like I just grabbed something and threw it on. Oh, well. I'll plan and iron and put on make up and stuff next week.

Oh, wait. We've got Other Duties next week; I won't be in choir. So I can wear whatever.

I'm stalling because I don't want to post these pictures. Sigh.

So, Saturday it was straight-legged jeans with the almost-ready-for-retirement turquoise Scoop neck Simplicity 4076, under my who-knows-what pattern Six Year Vest. The lady who stood next to me in choir looked at her bright turquoise shirt next to my more muted colors and lamented that she wasn't wearing the right color. Nope. She was right...I was fudging. Most of my stuff needed ironing and I just didn't have time to do it...

This morning I pulled on the knit bootcut jeans again, and added the turquoise (yes, the right color!) silk shell top from the Loes Hinse City Dress bodice, an old (I remember wearing it to work in 1979) square polyester white scarf and a new (as in, this is the 2nd time I've worn it) white denim jacket from a Coldwater Creek sale. The first time I wore the jacket I got some spot of something on one of the sleeves and it had to be washed...and then ironed. So I hit the ironing board before I headed off to church today, but didn't get the photo taken until we got home and I was all rumpled again.

My Sweet Baboo failed to mention I still had the leadership badge on. Oopsie.

Like I said, today was not my most photogenic day.

Hopefully I'll catch up on my sleep and be better by the next time...which will be August, with different colors...

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